Saturday, August 22, 2009

BBQ Chicken

We really like to eat BBQ Chicken. It is a fast and satifying main course. But, we always have had problems with the chicken being dry or the BBQ sauce caramelizing. But, not any more! We have discovered a new way of cooking BBQ Chicken and it turns out great every time! Here is what you do-
Season the chicken with some thing like McCormick's Montreal Chicken. Season it real good! Put it on the grill. When you flip it, wait until it is just about done and lather the top side with BBQ sauce. Once the bottom side is done, flip it again and lather that side with BBQ sauce. Leave it on the grill until the sauce is warmed through and take it off the grill. And, Wa-La! There you have it! Awesome BBQ Chicken!
~Sarah T.

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