Thursday, August 20, 2009

BBQ Pulled Pork

Thanks everyone for the dinner ideas for the missionaries! I am looking forward to winter coming so I can make soups for them! I love soup but just can't eat it in the summer! But, here is the latest meal I fed the Elders. It was really good! My husband really loved it! It is call the "Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork" from a blog called the Bitten Word. Here is the recipe and the way I did it:

-One 5 to 6 pound boneless Boston butt pork roast or the same weight of boneless country-style pork ribs
-1/4 cup Cheater Basic Rub*
-1/2 cup liquid smoke
-BBQ sauce of your choice

Cut the pork up into 2 to 3 inch cubes. Place in slow cooker and coat meat with Cheater Rub. Pour liquid smoke over meat. Cook on high 5 to 6 hours or 10 to 12 hours on low. When meat is done, take it out of slow cooker and shread with 2 forks. Add a little of the juice from the slow cooker to the meat. Coat with you favorite BBQ sauce and serve on hamberger buns. Makes 12 to 14 servings.

*Cheater Basic Dry Rub:
Makes 2/3 cup

-1/4 c paprika
-2 TBSP kosher salt
-2 TBSP coarsely ground black pepper
-1 TBSP garlic powder
-1 TBSP dry mustard powder

Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake to blend.

~Sarah T.

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