Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hoping to get back to this thing!

Again, it's been awhile! I know for me it's been a crazy year! My husband deployed earlier in the year and this summer we had a new baby! Life is starting to get back to "normal" and I hope to get back to this blog!

So here is my first post in awhile and hopefully not the last for awhile!

This might sound kinda funny but, I don't like eggs. However, I really WANT to like eggs! Every time I smell them when they are being cooked or when I see recipes, I really want to like them! So I am trying to make myself like eggs. Today I set out to make the perfect omelet. I watched many youtube videos and read many articles on making omelets. This is what I came up with today! My husband who does like eggs, and my 8 year old daughter both LOVED the omelets! My husband said "it was a 9 out of 10!" That's pretty good if you ask me! Here are the links to 1 video that I found helpful-

To our omelets, I made some homemade hash browns. I made those by peeling and shredding 3 potatoes. I squeezed out the excess liquid from the potatoes in a dish towel.Then I fried them up in some oil with salt and pepper. Probably the most perfect hash browns I have ever made! Then I started to fry up my eggs. I added some Canadian bacon, cheese, salt and pepper and hash browns (to my omelet I added green onion). Cooked the omelet until it was done and served them with sour cream and more cheese sprinkled on top!

Now, how did I feel about my omelet? Did I feel as strongly as my daughter and husband? No. But remember, I DON'T like eggs! I did think it was tasty and I would like to try it again sometime. So, not to bad for a first timer though!

~Sarah T.

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