Monday, May 17, 2010

It's been too long!

Hello out there to all our faithful followers! It has been too long! I have an excuse!! There is always a good excuse, right? I haven't been doing a lot of cooking/baking lately since my husband left. He was deployed to Iraq last month. So, since the “big eater” in our family is gone, I really struggle with what to cook!

So, I come to you, my friends, for help! What can I make that is healthy, fast and kid friendly? It is really hard to make dinner for myself and my 3 kids! I need your ideas and you recipes!

Also- here is another question for you! As I have said before, I am really into menu planning. My question for you is this- do you have a theme for each night of the week? Example; Taco Tuesday, Breakfast for dinner Wednesday, etc... I have been thinking about this lately and have been trying to figure out some good themes.

There you go! You now have two assignments! Let's see how you do! Thanks everybody!

~Sarah T.

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