Saturday, September 19, 2009

4 Layer Delight

My husband actually got this recipe while he was on his mission in Canada. The title on the recipe card is Sex in a Pan. Then it has this side note- Please rename the title of this dessert when feeding it to the missionaries! Or any other time it may be inappropriate. My husband said that when it was fed to him on his mission, they called it "dessert in a pan". But, he knew that wasn't the real name and made them tell him what it was. He said he then pretended to be shocked and offended when they told him what it was called and that they would feed it to the Elders! My mom used to make this when I was younger and we always called it "4 Layer Delight". So, since I am actually feeding this to the Elders tonight, we will call it 4 Layer Delight!


4 c graham cracker crumbs

3/4 c brown sugar

3/4 c melted butter

nuts optional

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then cool completely

2nd layer:

8oz cream cheese, softened

2/3 c powdered sugar

1/2 pf a 32oz tub of Cool Whip

Mix togetehr and spread over crust

3rd layer:

1 large box of chocolate pudding

Mix together only using half of the milk called for in the directions on the box.

4th layer:

Rest of the Cool Whip

Chill before serving. You can also top with chopped almonds and/or chocolate flakes before serving.

~Sarah T.

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Matt said...

Too funny. I remember getting "something" in a pan in Canada, too, in the singles ward, and the sisters could barely keep themselves from busing a gut while us silly Elders looked on, enjoying the "best cake ever" or whatever they called it.