Friday, August 14, 2009

Ideas? Anyone?

Wow! It has been a long time! Sorry for the break, we have just been enjoying our summer! And, we haven't done any real fancy cooking eithetr. But, we will be getting back into a normal schedule when school starts and I hope to have some more recipes to post!! Sarah R. and Angela are still working hard on there new adventures this summer. I hope that I can whip them into shape soon and get them posting more on here!! Love you guys ;P

So, here is my question- I need some help and some ideas. We feed the missionaries every Thursday night. Right now we have 4 Elders in our ward and they are all young growing boys. So, I need some meal ideas! I am quickly running out of ideas of what to feed them! Now, I need meals that are cost effective, filling and that are good for a large group. Because when we feed them, I am cooking for a total of 9 people! And my husband likes to eat a lot and so do the Elders. I have asked the Elders for their ideas and if there is anything they would like to eat. I don't think they really have any ideas or even care! So that makes it easy! Please send me your ideas!! I need them!

~Sarah T.


Jackie & Rob said...

i haven't tried this yet, so i can't tell you for sure if its good or not, but i'm planning on making it when i get home. it looks delicious!

KRISTIE said...

lasgana, it will fill them up, with salad and garlic bread, yummie!

Sarah said...

I finally posted Sarah!!! Sorry no pictures though. Soon I hope. I'm doing this while Matt is out of town and you know how much I heavily rely on him when it comes to computers :P As for food for the missionaries...I like making a big pot of chili and cornbread or a big pot of that potato cheese soup and cornbread. Hope that helps!

Teancum and Brooke said...

we had this really yummy mexican lasgana that you could easily make for alot of people! tj actually liked it and he hates mexican food. i'll send it to you