Thursday, June 4, 2009

Craving... Satisfied

I layed in bed the other night with the worst craving for a really good hamburger. We don't have many burger joints to choose from here in Germany... make that NO burger joints to choose from! We have McDonald's and Burger King. Not my idea of a burger joint or a really good burger. I made hamburgers tonight and they were AWESOME! Homemade patties, toasted buns, swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, mustard and pickles. UUMMMMMM! My craving was totally satisfied!
Oh, I will still post the recipes from our birthday bash, don't worry!
~Sarah T.

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petitechef said...

COMPLETELY AGREE!! I don't think I've had a fast food burger since highschool... They just don't do justice to the juicy goodness of making you're own!
If you're looking for slightly gourmet style (but still REALLY easy) you should check out my recipe for Jalapeno Burgers with Bleu cheese sauce! my mouths watering... :)