Thursday, March 26, 2009

Right now, we are living in Germany while my husband serves in the military. Everyone always talks about Germany and chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? I really love chocolate, maybe even too much. This chocolate has to be my favorite chocolate! Not only does it taste amazing, it is cheap! There are all kinds of flavors of Milka chocolate. They have some with strawberry filling, yogurt filling, marzipan, dark, hazelnut, caramel, just to name a few. But I think the 2 strangest filling would have to be watermelon (which is very similar to Pop Rocks) and the Fire filling (it has a spicy, hot taste. It sounds really weird but it really wasn’t too bad!) But, I am a purest and most often buy just the plain milk chocolate. If you are ever in Germany, try some of this Milka chocolate! It is delicious!!

~Sarah T.

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I had a friend who gave me one with a strawberry filling and I loved it! I'm glad you liked it too! Sarah, I'd like to direct Foodista readers to your blog, might I interest you in our small little widget here? Love em chocolates!